Home Automation

Home automation is not new but in recent years it has become more mainstream so that the average consumer can set up a simple system.

What can you do with home automation/control and why would you want to invest in it?

  • Saves money by turning off appliances, lights and controls cooling and heating cutting your utility power bill
  • Enhanced security by knowing the status of doors and windows or anything else you want to keep an eye on
  • Detect water leaks and prevent major damage
  • Situational awareness by receiving notifications to smartphones for certain triggers configured
  • Detect presence of users, are they home or away?
  • Convenience, by automating many tasks or allow control of them from other devices

Unfortunately most turnkey solutions limit many of the automation and controls you can or need to implement a customized system. If you are looking for a highly customizable solution than IT-integrate can provide you with:


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